AHEADACHEADAY is the solo project of Alberto de Angeli, Milan based music producer, sound designer and DJ.

Following a consistent trail of radio shows and gigs, in 2020 he takes part to Rave Saves The World V/A by 24/H Records (listed among Mixmag albums of the year). January 2021 marks his debut on Mosaique Records with Naivety, a 7-tracker including a remix by Salon des Amateurs’ mastermind Tolouse Low Trax. He’ll be back on Mosaique during the following April with Ambivalent opener of Phantom Images V/A alongside artists like David Carretta, JASSS, The Hacker. During the same period Alberto joins Relish COMP VII, a V/A by the iconic Zürich based label run by Headman. In 2022 he’s featured on WhyPeopleWar V/A, a massive fundraiser project by Whypeopledance and Ledotmat Musique for the Ukrainian population, including Red Axes, Curses, Peaking Lights and many others. In June he joins Colin Benders, Maarten Vos, Pitto and other artists at Best Kept Secret Festival for Secret Artists In Residence, jamming and recording day and night in two recording studios setup in the festival premises; later in July he takes part to Pho Beat Bazar vol.2 by Turin based Pho Bho Recrods, in company of Anatolian Weapons, Katatonic Silentio, Tassilo Vanhoefen…

During the past decade Alberto, under different aliases, has released music on labels like система and Frequenza, including tracks mixed with Sie Medway-Smith (Depeche Mode, Luke Slater, Craig Richards) of whom he’s guest on Pussyfoot Records. He’s half of the experimental audiovisual duo ALAN and he’s credited on several 291Out releases (including Acido Records, Really Swing, Terrasolare). You can listen to Sunday Headaches, his monthly set on Internet Public Radio, a show made in collaboration with underground labels and guests (Tushen Raï, Sacha Mambo, Gil.Barte, Alex Egan, Charlotte Atomi) and TOCCO his new residency on Echobox Radio, or catch him behind the decks in venues like Salon Des Amateurs, Arkaoda, Murmur Noord, Cafè 1001, Triennale Milano, The Grey Space, Ortigia Sound System, Tempio del Futuro Perduto, Klang, Ronin…






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